Why is icompose different?

It Gives You Total Freedom

Instead of using the common predefined-set-of-templates approach which give you little freedom in deciding how your website should look, icompose uses a totally open approach that gives you total freedom in designing the look of your website. You are free to design your layout and you have full control over the designs of all components.

It Is Not Just An E-Commerce Tool

icompose is not just a e-commerce tool, it is also a web design tool. icompose is built-in with a comprehensive set of highly customizable components readily to be plugged-into the web pages you are designing.

It Is A Productivity Tool

In icompose, one can easily reuse a component or a page design and hence improves productivity.  One can also easily update all web pages sharing the same component by simply changing the look and the content of that particular component.  Most of the components are also smart components that generate its display according to the web page being displayed at that moment hence no duplicate component is needed for displaying similiar content.

It Promotes Best Practice

It is important that a website has a consistent look and feel throughout its web pages and icompose promotes this by allowing you to . icompose lets you design your web page layouts in html codes and save them as layout templates. It then lets you make use of these page layouts to provide a consistent look and feel for your web pages.

Another important feature of a well designed website is to always let the surfer knows where he/she is when he/she is navigating through the website. In icompose, this can be easily achieved by using the built-in menu components. These components are intelligent enough to display the selected menu, the submenu, the navigation path, etc. according to where the surfer location is.