Key features

Online Web Page Building

Design your web pages using your web browser from anywhere. No need to install any program onto your computer or perform any page upload. Pages are created and modified online and will take effect immediately once you save them.

Flexible Page Design

You can customize your page layouts and the look of all components in whichever way you want.

Flexible Web Structure

Support multi-level and multi-grouping on web pages. There is no limits to the number of levels and groupings you can have.

Plug And Use Components

Come with a comprehensive set of highly customizable components which you can use to design your website quickly.

Online Shopping

Support online shopping through a set of ecommerce components which you can easily plug into your web design.

Flexible Calculation of Shipping Charges

Shipping options can be set up based on order total, order weight, order quantity, and shipping locations.

Multi-tier Taxation

Tax computations can be set up according to individual country and state/province.

Member-Restricted Area

You can restrict access to pages by turning on the member-only feature on those page.

Search Function

The system has a powerful search engine that returns prioritized results based on keywords entered at individual pages and items.


Web content can be easily added to the website through a user friendly WYSIWYG editor. 

Multiple Access Roles

Different access right are be given to user accounts of different roles.