Why Use OneStep?

Modules are tightly integrated

Any accounting program can get you organized, but OneStep makes it easy. With all the modules tightly integrated, OneStep manages to simplify your data entry tremendously. Just key in your transaction (for e.g. sales/purchase invoice, credit/debit notes, etc) into OneStep and all the affected accounts (for e.g. customer/vendor accounts, sales account, inventory account, etc) will be updated automatically.

Support the full sales and purchase processes

Unlike many of the other accounting programs that support only part of your sales and purchase process, OneStep covers the full sales and purchase process. It also has functions to copy data from one type of document to another (for e.g. a sales quotation to a sales order, a sales order to a sales invoice, etc), saving you the need to re-enter the same data again.

No more arcane code

OneStep uses account name instead of account code, so say goodbye to all the arcane account code that you used to remember when using other accounting programs.

Up-to-the-second accounting information

OneStep is one of the new generation accounting systems that support real-time update. This means you will be able to get up-to-date data and reports any time of the day.

No more unwanted steps

With OneStep, you are no longer required to do daily posting and month-end closing, as these are just steps carried over from the manual accounting system. In a computerized system, data can be updated and reports can be computed easily, therefore periodic processing like daily posting and month-end closing are no longer necessary.

A more flexible system

With OneStep you are no longer restricted to generating reports which can only fall on the month-end. Now you can generate reports on any date or in any period you specify.

No more messy transaction records

When you correct mistakes on a business document (for example a sales invoice or a cash receipt), OneStep will update the original transaction records accordingly. So you no longer have to grapple with messy records dotted by all the reversals and repeated entries in your transaction records. What´s more, if you turn on the audit trail feature, OneStep will keep a copy of the old transaction record every time a transaction record changes and that enables you to track the changes made.

Highly very flexible invoice entry

OneStep gives you a lot of flexibility in filling an invoice. It allows you to enter entries like a sub-total, a percentage discount, a comment, etc into you invoice lines.

Configurable user access control

Understanding that your accounting system is accessed by different people for different purposes, OneStep has built in a comprehensive access control mechanism whereby every component in the system is protected and can only be accessed by users with the corresponding rights.