OneStep Accounting Downloads

To download, just click on the links below:

  1. OneStep Accounting Standard Edition 4.0 (19MB)
  2. OneStep Accounting Professional Edition 4.0 (19MB)
  3. OneStep Accounting User Guide (1.9MB, already included in the downloads of Standard and Professional editions.)


* To unzip the downloads, please use winzip from
(Some users have encountered problems installing the programs after unzipping the downloads using the unzipper of Win XP system.)

* If you are having problems downloading the OneStep files as they are a good 19 MB, we would like to recommend that you use GetRight, an http/ftp download package which can resume interrupted downloads, especially if you are using a 56K dial-up connection.

* Please note that OneStep Accounting is not supported on Windows Vista.

* To run OneStep Accounting on Windows 7 and Windows 10, please refer to Running OneStep Accounting On Windows 7 and Windows 10